Wait, how did Clementine come back in season 4 of Wild West World?


Clementine returns in season 4 of Wild West World. What happened when the audience last met with this popular presenter? Clementine, played by Angela Sarafyan, is a veteran of The Wild West World, who originally appeared in the park of the first season as a sex worker in a saloon, before she was unceremoniously fired and placed in the refrigerator along with other unwanted Delos bots. Revived in season 2 To fight for freedom together with Dolores, Clementine eventually found herself captured and repurposed to spread a virus that incapacitates any carrier who is unlucky enough to stand next to her.

Although Clementine briefly featured as part of Maeve ‘s Team in season 3 The world of the Wild West, in season 4, she attracted more attention. “Alone Enough” begins with Clementine living peacefully in the real world, gently making her way through the village and assimilating with human life. , until a Mandroid in black appears. Master William mercilessly kills poor Clem, and this bright, sparkling personality is replaced by a cold-blooded killer serving the robot lord of season 4 of “Wild West World” Charlotte Hale. But how is Clementine alive at all? And what did Hale and William do to her?

When Angela Sarafian’s Clementine was last inside WestWorld, her body was shot while she was acting as a Delos virus delivery system. She then appears in season 3 of Wild West World, The Passed Pawn, fighting on Maeve’s behalf inside a newly printed body. It is not entirely clear how the “Wild West World” overcomes this gap. The host pearls were recovered and brought to the real world for storage at the Delos facility after the massacre in the Western World, and among them were the likes of Maeve, Hector and Hanario. Clementine could well have been among these evacuees, but what happened to her zombie state from season 2 of “Wild West World”? Most likely, Clem’s pearl was restored in proper order when Delos took it away, or when Maeve asked to return her former saloon colleague to the network in the third season of “Wild West World.”

Thus, Clementine from the 4th season of “Wild West World” is the version that Maeve printed last season, but released into the wild. As soon as Rehoboam fell and the riots began, Maeve either immediately relieved Clem of her duties, allowing her to live peacefully south of the border, or perhaps Clem helped Maeve and Caleb destroy the remnants of Rehoboam before leaving for a new life when everyone dispersed. seven years before the premiere of season 4 of “Wild West World”. Angela Sarafian’s host has apparently developed his consciousness since then, but the defiance she shows William proves Maeve’s strong loyalty.

Just as Delos cut out Clem’s program to make her a weapon against the host in the second season of Wild West World, Hale and William rewrote her again in Season 4-this time as a personal bodyguard/passive-aggressive receptionist. While it’s possible that they just completely replaced Clementine’s pearl, the attempt to preserve her body suggests that Clementine’s existing personality was simply changed. Some Clemisms (for example, her phrase about the Secret Service) they add another proof that the real Clementine is rattling somewhere out there.

Clementine’s survival between seasons 3 and 4 of Wild West World means that other friendly hosts can be active, wandering unnoticed among people. Hanario and Lawrence (a copy of Dolores) remain missing in the current timeline of “Wild West World” and will certainly prove useful allies for Maeve and Caleb if they reunite. Perhaps with the help of Maeve’s magic, even Clementine can be restored to her normal state.