Wait, did Taika Waititi and Rita Ora secretly get married?


When Taika Waititi wasn’t filming Chris Hemsworth’s Thunder God and playing Blackbeard in front of the camera, he was spending time with Rita Ora. The filmmaker from New Zealand has been dating the singer for more than a year, and recently they have only become closer. Now the new report is sure to make many people wonder if they have taken the next step. That’s right, the story claims that Waititi and Ora were secretly married.

The report says that Taika Waititi and Rita Ora recently got married in London. This comes from one of the sources of The Sun UK, who claims that the performer of “Carry On” will now bear the surname Waititi-Ora. The same source also shared details of the proposed wedding ceremony, and judging by the statements, this event was a joyful event:

It was a really intimate ceremony and special for everyone present. Their closest and dearest see how madly in love they are.

This supposed union has not yet been officially confirmed by the stars themselves, but apparently there is evidence to back up the news. According to The Sun, the winner of the MTV Video Music Award last weekend published a photo of her partner, in which he drinks a glass of wine, sent to them by Cameron Diaz. While the caption hid his ring finger, another photo shared by the singer’s sister had a shot from the same walk, and the picture seemed to show the director with a silver ring on his left hand.

It is reported that 31-year-old Rita Ora and 46-year-old Taika Waititi were friends before they started dating in 2021. Last Valentine’s Day, Waititi posted a tribute to his girlfriend and included a photo they took together four years ago. Ever since they became romantic, these two have more than attracted the attention of the public. From their red carpet outings to Waititi even arguing with the wind for one of his lady’s photoshoots, the two have had more than a few notable moments in the public eye.

They really made headlines last year when they were spotted in the company of “Thor” star Tessa Thompson. This led some to think that Waititi, Ora and Thompson were a couple. In the end, Waititi brushed off the rumors about the band and said he “didn’t do anything wrong” during the viral encounter.

Despite the hype surrounding them, it is said that Rita Ora sought to keep things secret and will continue to do so now that she and her man are supposedly married. A Sun UK source added that Ora is “fully committed to keeping the relationship as private as possible.” It is also said that she has already returned to the studio, where she is working on her third studio album.

Meanwhile, Taika Waititi, who calls himself “the laziest actor”, has been incredibly busy lately. In addition to his work on “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Our Flag Means Death” (available for streaming on HBO Max subscription), he also voiced rookie space Ranger Mo Morrison in Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear. And currently, Waititi is working on the movie “Star Wars” and openly declares that he will “never” please all fans with this.

He seems to make Rita Ora happy, and given the way things are going between the two of them, it’s possible that they can now be husband and wife. We’ll have to wait and see if they confirm this for themselves, and if it’s true, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Oscar winner finds the funniest (and cutest) way possible to reveal her wedding.


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