Wait, are Universal Studios’ Hollywood Halloween horror nights going to include vomit and poop?


Every year, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood and Florida are one of the most popular attractions all year at the theme park. While other parks may try to make Halloween more family-friendly, Universal is ready to scare the hell out of you, and this year it looks like this event will also put you off. Halloween horror nights at Universal Studios Hollywood are going to make you sick this year, and that’s not even the most disgusting part.

CinemaBlend recently conducted a behind-the-scenes tour of a couple of houses at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, The Horrors of Blumhouse, which include elements from both Freaky, body-changing and the new horror movie Black Phone. like the house of Legends Collide. In a conversation with John Murdy, the creative director of the event, he explained that this year several houses are united by the fact that they will pour a lot of bodily fluids on the guests. But don’t worry, it’s just water. Murdy explained…

This year, you will either throw up a lot of unpleasant things, or we have a toilet exploding, we have crows that poop on you… Creative use of water effects this year.

It was part of the Quirky part of the house where John Murdy was talking about all the things that would throw up on you. In the opening scene of Freaky, a young man is killed with a wine bottle, resulting in what Murdy calls “bloody whiny vomiting” on all the guests in the house, although in fact it’s just water mixed with compressed air. Take a look at the scene below.

I mean. Of course, we know that “Halloween Horror Nights” won’t throw us up. I’m pretty sure the park doesn’t want to buy everyone new clothes, but when you’re stuck in the moment, it can still feel disgusting when you know what an exploding toilet is. Is it really just water or is it… something else? Gross.

But, of course, creativity and horror are what people go to Universal parks for during Halloween. It is assumed that various houses will make guests scream in horror, and for some there will be nothing scarier than being covered in vomit from a disgusting creature.

There’s a lot to be happy about this year if you’re a fan of Halloween Horror Nights. There are new houses dedicated to classic monsters such as Dracula, the Mummy and the Wolf Man. Jordan Peele’s newest film, “No,” which was added to Universal Studios Hollywood about a month ago, will be a major part of Terror Tram in conjunction with his other Us hit, and we’ll also see an updated version of the original. Halloween, which hits just like “Halloween Ends” in theaters.

It will also be brand new homes, such as The After Hours house inspired by The Weeknd, which turns the pop star’s music into its own horror movie. Halloween Horror Nights will begin at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 6.


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