VW’s electric ID.4 appears in the video


Volkswagen released more information about its important electric vehicle launch, ID.4. The SUV is the second car from the manufacturer developed 100% to run on batteries and should reach international dealerships later this year. The company’s plan is to deliver 1.5 million electric models by 2025.

Composed of five spacious seats, the VW ID.4 aims to reach a wide audience: “Electric for millions, not millionaires”, is the phrase highlighted by the Twitter profile of Volkswagen in the United States, followed by the date: September 23, 2020, when more information must be revealed by the manufacturer.

Inside the vehicle, Volkswagen prepares a luxurious look and introduces an LED bar that extends across the windshield, used to inform the driver of the vehicle’s current status and possible fuel alerts, locks and more. The vehicle system will be assembled and managed on the touch screen monitor centered on the front, where it will be possible to configure the effect of the lights, pair with cell phones and check detailed information about the car’s operation.

In a promotional video, Volkswagen demonstrates the efficiency of DC Fast Charging – technology that promises 80% recharge in less than an hour for most electric vehicles. Furthermore, according to European tests, the battery will offer a range of approximately 500 km per full recharge, significantly greater than its likely direct competitor, the Tesla Model Y.

Although not the first MEB (Modular Electric Drive Matrix, or “Modular Electric Drive Matrix” in Portuguese), it will be a major brand launch in the electric vehicle sector in the United States. In terms of values, the VW ID.4 is expected to have values ​​close to the entry SUV of the company of Elon Musk, that is, something around US $ 43 thousand (R $ 226 thousand, according to the quote at the time of elaboration of this matter and without the addition of taxes).


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