VW Play: Spotify arrives at Volkswagen’s app store


This Monday (01), Volkswagen announced the arrival of Spotify in its application store VW Play Apps, developed for the proprietary multimedia system for VW Play vehicles. The novelty offers an integrated experience with Spotify for mobile phones, including the main features in a format adapted for better navigation.

In this sense, the announcement details that the version of Spotify present natively in VW Play offers a richer experience than that found in the use of alternative solutions, such as mirroring via Car Play or Android Auto. The application interface remains in the style of its version for mobile phones, without the restrictions present in other modes.

Very similar to its mobile version, Spotify on VW Play allows you to search, enjoy and save music with just a few taps, allowing you to continue playback on another device, if desired. The user can control the functions of the application through commands on the steering wheel, through the icons on the radio screen or through the cell phone itself. Volkswagen points out, however, that it is necessary to keep both devices (car and cell phone) connected to the internet to get the best out of the experience.

The new Spotify app is now available on VW Play Apps, requiring only an in-store update to access the news. The process is quick and can be done by connecting the system to the internet, as in other similar devices.


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