VW Group could make interesting decision for Bentley


VW Group, the umbrella organization of companies such as Bentley, Audi, Skoda and Porsche, is allegedly in a new preparation. According to rumors, Bentley will continue its life as a subsidiary of Audi.

Bentley claims to be Audi subsidiary

Many companies had to downsize because of the pandemic. In the past months, tens of thousands of workers were laid off from many companies within the VW Group. It is said that one of the biggest reasons for this alleged move is the economic situation.

Bentley, Audi yan kuruluşu olacak iddiası

According to the report by Automobilwoche, new decisions will be made regarding Bentley, which has been led by VW Group’s Porsche chief Oliver Blume. This decision is among the allegations that VW Group Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess made.

After this move, which is expected to be implemented in 2021, Audi technologies will also be used for a new Bentley SUV model. The company, which refuses to comment on the report, may come up with new decisions regarding luxury brands.

It is said that the company, which wants to make more profits and balance economic problems, is also carrying out various studies on super sports vehicle brands Lamborghini, Bugatti and motorcycle brand Ducati, in addition to Bentley.

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