A Vulnerability Has Been Detected Affecting Billions of Devices Using Wi-Fi


More than one billion devices using the Internet connection, including Apple’s iPhone and Amazon’s Echo, have been impacted by a vulnerability that could allow hackers to spy on information traffic managed over Wi-Fi.

The vulnerability recently discovered by cyber security company ESET makes the encryption system used by a protected Wi-Fi network effectively unusable. This can allow hackers to monitor activity on the network as if it were completely open. While the vulnerability meant that the victims were vulnerable to eavesdropping, software updates and other layers of security seem to prevent this attack from malfunctioning.

The vulnerability, called Kr00k by security researchers, has been reported to affect devices with Wi-Fi chips produced by Broadcom and Cypress, used on a wide variety of devices with wireless internet, including Apple, Google and Samsung phones. However, it was also said that the necessary security updates have been applied to fix the problem. According to the latest information, the best advice that can be given to the users at the moment is to make sure that the computers, phones and all internet connected devices have the latest software to install.

It’s not good, it’s not horrible
In the worst possible scenario for the deficit, a significant amount of data can emerge, including the websites you visit or messages you send. However, due to the encryption used by the websites themselves, many private contact information on your Wi-Fi network will probably still remain secure. So for now, it is useful to keep calm and do the necessary checks.

What does Wi-Fi security mean?
Wireless network (Wi-Fi) security is the whole set of measures to prevent cybercriminals from accessing the data you use online, to be briefly explained. This can be either you or your customers’ credit card information, biometric data, voting information, or any data on a computer with internet access. Securing your wireless network will prevent your third data from being taken over by third parties.


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