V’s First Mixtape: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


BTS’s V has been working on a mixtape and it looks like it may be ready very soon. Here’s everything an ARMY needs to know about Kim Taehyung’s first mixtape.

No other artist or group releases as much content as V and the members of BTS. From albums to solo singles, collaborations, and docuseries, the group continually releases projects. Since things move so fast in the BTS fandom, ARMYs are always on the alert, wondering when new music is coming.

One of the most exciting moments is when a member releases a mixtape like the one Kim Taehyung is preparing. Due to the balancing of multiple projects at once, BTS can only work on their individual mixtapes when they are free, so that means it can take several years to complete their solo albums.

So far, RM, Suga, and J-Hope are the only BTS members to release their own mixtapes. Fans were so sure Jungkook was next in line to share one of their own, but now they’re convinced it’s actually V, because he’s been working hard on his project lately.

Based on Kim Taehyung’s story of writing emotional solo songs (and mostly sentimental ones), fans believe his mixtape will be just as moving. Before it arrives, here’s everything ARMY needs to know about TaeTae’s solo project.

V reveals more about his first mixtape

During a March 6 live broadcast with RM, V first teased the information that he has been working on solo music. At the time, he said that he had only written three songs so far. One of those tracks turned out to be “Sweet Night,” which appeared on the JTBC / Netflix K-Drama class Itaewon.

Since then, he has revealed even more details about his recording process. In the BTS documentary series Break The Silence, V said that songwriting was harder than he thought. “I won’t be able to write poetic lyrics like Namjoon, but I would like to write lyrics that convey my true feelings,” he said.


It’s unclear when that scene in Break The Silence was filmed, but it seems like it’s definitely come a long way since then. During a live broadcast on June 9, V revealed that he has been writing more than ever. In fact, because he’s been writing so much, he described it as “the life” he lives every day.


“I don’t know how many songs I have that will go on the mixtape, but I think I have about eight songs written,” announced the BTS idol. “I just want to give ARMY good songs, so I think a lot while writing them.” With V’s explanation in mind, fans know that his mixtape could have at least eight songs.

First sneak peek of Taehyung’s Mixtape

On July 1, V gave fans another preview of his mixtape on Twitter. “Today is a day where I miss ARMY so much… so much. Even though it’s not complete, please wait and listen to this spoiler!” tweeted. Unfortunately, he deleted the clip on social media, but not before ARMY captured it and shared it again. Listen to the snippet below.

From that short clip posted by the K-Pop group member, fans caught the following lyrics: The worst was given to me from the heart of the loveless / I play the games, I fixed the puzzles, even though I am missing pieces / And I act like if my life was just perfect / But behind this smile, it really hurts / I’m trying to save my life, saving myself with an umbrella.


On August 25, V surprised fans with another snippet of his mixtape during an episode of BTS’s new reality show In The Soop. Like the previous trailers he has shared, this song has romantic lyrics backed by blues instrumentals. “Could you dance with me because I can’t live without you … will I love you in slow motion?” She sings on the floor. Check it out below.

Finally, the big question on everyone’s mind is when V plans to release his mixtape. He hasn’t announced an exact date, but in an August 23 interview uploaded to BTS’s YouTube channel, he said he’s aiming to leave it by the end of 2020. Get ready ARMY, because in addition to BTS’s second album of 2020, it’s possible that you get V’s long awaited mixtape later this year.

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