V’s first mixtape could be about to be released


Taehyung may be releasing new music very soon, this time as a solo artist. It has been a short time since BTS revealed their single Dynamite and the music video for this song, however, it is believed that one of the next releases prepared by the members of the group, will be an individual project by V.

Since the beginning of the year, Taehyung revealed that he was preparing some songs. After BTS’s tour was canceled, all of the members resumed activities in the creative process to surprise their fans, however, V gave signs of preparing a mixtape.

Taehyung said that he would like to release a mixtape just like his other peers within the idol group, but although he pointed out that he was already working on it, he also explained that the release of the mixtape could take a long time since there were many things to review.

But the KTH1 mixtape release might be closer than we thought, as some fans have noted that in the list of upcoming comebacks and premieres posted by Twitter user @kchartsofficial, V appears on debuts that have yet to announce a date. defined but that will happen this year.

Although BTS is also appearing repeatedly with releases prepared for the next few months, Taehyung is on this list as a solo artist, which could mean that he is now ready to reveal his mixtape.

Long ago, V talked about the preparations for KTH1. Among the details he mentioned was that he had already prepared 8 songs, but he was not sure if all of them would be part of this material in the end.

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What he did point out is that he was hoping that his first mixtape would be released before the end of 2020, coinciding with the announcement of the next record materials to be released in which this idol was included.

We also tell you that V prepared a song for his parents a few months ago, however, because the reaction to this melody was very good, the idol decided to include it in the list of songs that he wants to include in this mixtape.


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