V’s birthday today, what was his life like before fame?


The BTS singer’s artistic career has been brilliant, but what was his personality like before he became one of K-pop’s biggest idols?

V has many things to celebrate on his birthday such as records, achievements, worldwide recognition and the love of ARMY. Get to know a little about the lifestyle of the Bangtan Boys member before he became so popular around the world.

Kim Taehyung was born on December 30, 1995 in the city of Daegu in Geochang, South Korea, his family consisted of his two parents and older brothers, who always took good care of him.

The BTS member spent most of his childhood with his grandmother, who dedicated herself to working in the fields and the idol helped him in the garden, if he were not an artist he would have dedicated himself to running the family business.

V’s life was very quiet, he spent it surrounded by his family and friends. When he entered school, he became a boy who slept very late and the teachers scolded him for being late for classes. LOL!

Since he was little, the K-pop vocalist was very curious about the world of music, instruments and composition, so in his high school days he started playing the saxophone.

V’s routine took an unexpected turn when he accompanied one of his closest friends to a casting for Big Hit Entertainment, one of the agency’s trainees saw something special about him and invited him to add. Taehyung called his father and got permission to appear in front of the judges.


The ‘ Winter Flower ‘ performer was the only boy from Daegu who passed the audition and officially joined Big Hit in 2011. During his time as a trainee, V participated as a backup dancer in different performances by artists like Jo Kwon. After two years, he debuted alongside his fellow Beyond The Scene with the song ‘No More Dream’.

Through social networks and online communities, ARMY around the world celebrated the birthday of V with the hashtag #Taehyungbirthday, tender published messages of love, support and love for the dancer.

The mention dedicated to Tae became a trend in different countries and only on Twitter exceeded 10,000 interactions. OMG!

ARMY not only celebrated another year of the star’s life, they also looked back on the great achievements he made in his extensive professional career and mentioned some special characteristics of Taehuyng .


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