V’s best kept secret when he made his acting debut


Bangtan Boys V debuted in acting with his character Han Sung, the Big Hit Entertainment idol shared incredible moments with his fellow drama ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’ and there is a secret that the K-pop singer kept very well .

The ‘Winter Bear’ interpreter is a multifaceted idol, because his talents are not only limited to singing and dancing, the BTS member has taken off his career as a drama actor, his first appearance on the small screen was in the K-drama ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’.

V had a great growth during his participation in the South Korean series starring Park Seo Joon, showing his acting skills, the boy from the city of Daegu shone with his work as a flower warrior.

The dynamics on the set was so good that V managed to be friends with the entire cast, including the main actor in the drama, who did not hesitate to give the ‘Dynamite’ singer some advice.

Recently, a fan revealed an anecdote that Taehyung starred in the filming of the drama, it is a closely guarded secret and reflects the personality of the band member Beyond The Scene.


Taehyung is known to be a very funny artist and his charisma is a trait that fans cannot go unnoticed.

A BTS follower took to his social networks and recounted an experience that V had in ‘Hwarang: The Beginning’, ARMY works an agency and a large part of the staff working in the company was present at the recordings of the series.

Taehyung’s fan tells that he had very long hours of work, the K-pop idol decided to distribute coffee among the staff and the actors to combat the sleep and fatigue caused by long hours on set.

When V delivered the drink to the staff and his colleagues, he said:

Love BTS so much please

This gesture touched the hearts of the people who received the coffee, because despite the fact that Kim Taehyung was in a solo activity, he always had Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga and RM present. Owwww!

Some time ago, V became the muse of a famous illustrator, the artist took as a reference the beauty of the singer and captured her visual in a series of fabulous drawings.


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