VPN usage was crazy! TikTok ban backfired


VPN usage continues to increase rapidly. TikTok, which left its mark on the world’s agenda, has been scrutinized by many countries. US President Donald Trump recently took a concrete step on the TikTok ban.

How VPN usage increased: TikTok ban effect

The fact that many countries began to see the TikTok application as a threat has increased the interest in VPN services, which are translated as virtual private networks in our language. As is known, platforms that are not accessible can be visited thanks to a VPN service.

ExpressVPN President Harold Li announced that he witnessed a 10 percent increase in visitors per week when Donald Trump spoke negatively about TikTok. This increase in visitors to ExpressVPN’s website was also seen on some other websites.

ExpressVPN, which serves in 94 countries, witnessed an increase of 19 percent in Japan and 41 percent in Australia. In addition, this service came to the fore with a 22 percent increase in visitors after India banned the TikTok application. The Hong Kong protests led to an increase of 10 percent.

In addition, services such as Fastest VPN, CyberGhost and NordVPN, which we know from Netflix, have also been on the rise. Finally, a communication app called Signal became the 36th most popular app in the iOS store for China, leaving 51 apps behind.

Saying that the TikTok application threatens the national security of the United States, Donald Trump continues to ban Chinese applications, including WeChat. The decrees signed for the WeChat and TikTok duo will take effect 45 days later.

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