VPN management made easy with Android 11


Having a VPN installed on your smartphone can be ideal for protecting your privacy and preventing unwanted surveillance. In addition to all this, Google made it easier to see active VPN connections after Android 11 was released.

Android 11 VPN update will make life easier

According to Techradar’s report, the previous version of Android 10 was intended to show that users are on an external server when connected to the VPN. While this would allow the user to show it is connected to the VPN, the gray border surrounding the notification was not visible, especially when the system was using the dark theme. However, with the update released earlier this month, VPN connections will now appear in the middle of the notification tab. On the other hand, when the gray border is removed, the message “This device is connected to VPN” will appear instead of the “Device connected to VPN” notification.

Android 11 VPN yönetimini kolaylaştırıyor

Android 11 users will be able to see which VPN connection they are using when they tap this text. In addition, it will be able to receive notifications about whether VPN services are monitoring features such as network activities, mails and applications.

In addition, the update will now allow you to provide faster VPN connection. To do this, adding a VPN to Android settings will allow you to activate the system without even opening the application. Thus, you will be able to connect as you wish.


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