Vox Akuma Starts Fighting After Interrupting a Recent ASMR Stream


NIJISANJI star Vox Akuma spoke again about his mental health problems after interrupting a recent ASMR stream. VTuber has taken a short break and promises fans that he will “return to a time when it was fun, energetic and relaxing to watch me.”

Vox Akuma is the largest English VTuber NIJISANJI, which has reached the mark of 1 million subscribers as a result of the rapid growth of the agency’s popularity in the west. He has used this audience to promote broader messages, such as his behind-the-scenes struggles with mental health.

The Luxiem star announced his diagnoses of ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder at the end of October, exposing a very vulnerable side of the often cool and collected streamer. He spoke in detail about the violence he has faced in the past and how talking about his health helps break down the stigma around him for others.

A few weeks later, Vox put on a brave face, but on November 15 was stunned by a recent ASMR broadcast, interrupting the broadcast. Fans were concerned about the star, who later tweeted: “Something in that last scene didn’t work, I couldn’t figure out what to say and I’m having a panic attack.”


After he was overwhelmed by a wave of support, on November 17, he told a little more about what happened and how he would calm down, trying to adapt.

I feel much better, I’ve had a lot of rest,” he said on Twitter. “The fact is that what happened on Tuesday was a revelation.

“Being a streamer and a public figure means that if one day you have problems and things go bad, it will be impossible to hide it, especially in a situation like ASMR, which was a busy production and I needed to make it work in some way. When I stream again, I’ll tell you about the specific aspects that didn’t work for me and what made me panic at that moment.”

Although this is an operational indicator: when it will stream again. Vox had a busy schedule for this week, but for now he’s putting it aside and playing by ear when he gets back. He starts his first course of treatment next week and wants to avoid the “nightmare” of returning too early.

“I am aware of the fact that I am putting too much pressure on myself. I don’t take everything that happens in my life as an excuse to do worse than usual, but it’s starting to seriously affect me. As soon as I get on the road to recovery, I will return to streaming in my usual capacity.”

He also wants to return his stream to a place where it will be convenient and safe for people to forget about their worries, and not get tired of intimate details about his health. As soon as he has the right mood again, then he will return properly.

“When I started this business, I wanted to be a form of escapism for people, but because I was so unable to escape my own problems, I reminded people how stressful and sad real life can be.

“I’m sorry for this, and I want to go back to a time when it was fun, energetic and relaxing to watch me, and it started with me. I need to get better first before I can start doing it again. I will play by ear, let’s see how I feel, and I hope that in the meantime you are doing well.”


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