Von Miller has a Controversial Suggestion: The NFL World Reacts


Von Miller is not a fan of selective block in pass-rushers.

The Buffalo Bills forward saw Mika Parsons knocked down by Leonard Fournette with a shoulder-to-shoulder block, and he believes that such a block should be excluded from the game.

“This block must be removed from the game! This is the future, and we’re just letting the offense attack our best pass-rushers! You can do your job without so much contact!”

NFL fans don’t share the same opinion.

Despite the fact that Miller thinks otherwise, it is unlikely that this block will be removed. Attacking players must somehow block defenders, even if this leads to them being knocked down.

There was also no head contact in this block, as Parsons was able to get up normally after it.

This is a lockdown that will only last as long as it is allowed.


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