Volvo will have a line of electric trucks in 2 years


The auto industry is about to receive yet another major competitor when it comes to electrical solutions. Volvo, a multinational manufacturer of various vehicles, announced that in 2021 it will start receiving European orders for a complete line of trucks of the type – whose production is scheduled to start in 2022. The automaker will compete directly with the launches of Tesla.

Depending on their configurations, the machines can reach up to 300 kilometers of autonomy with a load and pull 44 tons, without disregarding the weight of their carcasses. For the time being, according to the company itself, non-polluting versions of its FH, FM and FMX units are in the testing phase, covering a wide range of uses.

The expectation is that such options will contribute to reducing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and meet the laws in progress in the Old Continent – which seek to eliminate up to 15% of gas after 2025 and 30% from 2030.

If in two years it is possible that we will see many new features of Volvo on the roads, other countries are now putting their actions into practice, such as the Scottish city Glasgow, with the largest fleet of hydrogen powered garbage trucks in the world.

As for the other big manufacturers, well, there is plenty of news out there about what’s new – and below, you can check some of them.

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