Volvo: We Take Advantage of the Video Game Industry


Volvo held a press conference yesterday. Referring to the efforts made to produce safer cars within the scope of this meeting, Volvo said that it received help from the video game industry. The company, which goes into details about the works, seems to fascinate automobile enthusiasts once again.

It is an undeniable fact that the video game industry is growing more and more every day. As companies design more advanced games every day, the number of players around the world is growing more than ever. However, the video game industry is currently inspiring Volvo, one of the world’s most popular car manufacturers. The company is getting help from the video game industry before designing its new tools.

Volvo cars are known for their robustness and safety. In order to achieve this, the company is getting help from companies that are involved in the video game industry in some way. In this context, the company, which uses 3 elements, tests the safety of the vehicles. The company explained in detail how it got help from the video game industry in some statements made yesterday.

Augmented reality glasses, tactile gear and game engine Unity help Volvo

According to the statements made by Volvo, augmented reality sets produced by a company named Varjo are used in tests to produce safer vehicles. The company combines this set with special clothes produced by Teslasuit. In this way, the reactions of the body in possible accidents and negativities are measured. Integrating this combination into a simulation developed with the Unity game engine, Volvo is testing this system throughout the day.

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Volvo engineers are pushing all the boundaries in the virtual world created with Unity. Moreover, while these limits are being pushed, no one is harmed. Within the scope of the tests, many things such as accidents and the use of active safety features are included. Volvo, who is very ambitious in this regard, states that the scenarios created are limitless and that nothing is left untested in the virtual world. Although the system used by Volvo in its vehicles sounds crazy, it is of great importance for the company. Because Volvo has tried all the real possibilities in a virtual world with the tests and obtained very important data.


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