Volvo to partner with NVIDIA for autonomous driving


Volvo will use NVIDIA’s latest chips, starting with the next generation XC90. Volvo will opt for NVIDIA’s next generation chips to enable better autonomous driving functions in its future vehicles.

The Swedish autonomous manufacturer will use NVIDIA’s Drive Orin system, which has more processing power than the NVIDIA chips currently used by Volvo vehicles.

Volvo XC90 will be the first car to use the Drive Orin system

The new generation XC90 will be the first new Volvo to use the Drive Orin system, which can process 254 trillion transactions per second.

“We believe in partnering with the world’s leading technology companies to build the best Volvos possible,” said Henrik Green, Volvo chief technology officer.

“With the help of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin technology, we can take safety to the next level in our next generation cars,” Green also said in his speech.

NVIDIA’s Drive Orin system will work with software developed by Volvo Cars’ autonomous driving software development company Zenseact.

The automaker claims the new system provides the power and graphics processing required for autonomous driving. In addition, the system uses LIDAR technology, according to the technology developed by Luminar, another Volvo Cars partner.

Volvo states that the SPA2 architecture, which the next-generation XC90 will use, will be ready to be equipped for autonomous vehicles from the start of production.

Future Volvo models will use the NVIDIA Drive Xavier computer to use NVIDIA’s Drive Orin system as well as manage key functions inside the car, including basic software, energy management and driver assistance.


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