Volvo Stops Selling Combustion Cars in Brazil


Volvo: On its way to becoming a fully electric car manufacturer, Volvo announced on Tuesday (18) that, from now on, all the brand’s models sold in Brazil will be only hybrid or electric, removing from its portfolio all combustion models.

In a statement, João Oliveira, Volvo Cars Brasil’s general director of operations and innovation, explained that the decision to have a 100% electrified vehicle line reflects a trend in Volvo that, in the accumulated sales of the year, which brought together all the brands present in Brazil, reached 40% of the sales of electrified products. Among plug-in hybrid models, this mark reaches 70%.

Among all the countries that sell Volvo vehicles in the world, Brazil becomes, together with Norway, the first two nations to completely abolish the sale of combustion vehicles. The president of Volvo Cars Brasil, Luis Resende, says that this irreversible movement will expand to other countries in Latin America.

Investments in infrastructure for electrophores

Affirming to be the brand that invests the most in infrastructure, Volvo Cars Brasil promises to deliver, by the end of this year, more than a thousand free gas stations installed in our country, all of them interconnected to Waze and Google Maps, and accessible to vehicles of any brand. and model.

In addition, in another unprecedented initiative, the Swedish manufacturer will launch a platform aimed at professional liquidators, condominium managers and developers, aiming at installing 300 loaders in corporate and residential office buildings, entirely subsidized by Volvo.

At all company dealerships, the so-called Volvo Wallbox can be purchased, a charging station for homes or businesses, which costs R $ 6,499 and can be easily installed, requiring only a 220-volt grounded connection. The device serves any electric vehicle that has a type 2 plug.


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