Volvo 240, withdrawn 27 years ago, has a modern design in the hands of an artist


An artist named Monkey Sketch made a work on the Volvo 240, which Volvo stopped producing in 1993, giving the car a 2020 look.

Volvo 240, produced by Volvo between 1974 and 1993, is among the most successful vehicles of the company. The Volvo 240 was the company’s best-selling vehicle from the day it was launched until 1982.

The Volvo 240, which has design lines that can be considered more rectangular compared to today’s cars, has been modernized in the hands of an artist using the Sketch Monkey nickname. Designing a new Volvo 240 without breaking the main design of the Volvo 240, Monkey Sketch’s design shows how beautiful the car can look today.

Volvo 240 original design

Working on a photo of Volvo 240 seen from the back, Monkey Sketch preserved the clean and simple design lines of 240, while preserving the large tailgate that we cannot see in new cars. The wheels of 240, which have a modern color in the hands of Monkey Sketch, have been replaced with larger alloy wheels. The rear bumper and lights of the vehicle have also been modernized.

Volvo 240, which is a memory from the childhood of Monkey Sketch, turned into a 2020 vehicle in the hands of the artist. The vehicle, which looks quite beautiful, looks much more interesting than the vehicles produced in the past years.

2020 model concept Volvo 240

This is not the first Volvo design that Monkey Sketch made. The artist previously brought Volvo’s three-door hatchback Volvo C30 and Volvo 850 R together with today’s design lines. Monkey Sketch, which creates very interesting designs, seems to continue to modernize Volvo’s old vehicles in the coming days.

2020 Volvo 240 concept video


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