Volunteer Subjects Wanted to Test Corona Virus Vaccine for $ 1,100


Healthy volunteers are sought for testing the new type of corona virus, which has turned into a deadly epidemic globally, or for vaccines developed for its official name, COVID-19. Participants will earn a total of $ 1,100 if they are vaccinated 11 times over a 14-month period.

The new type of corona virus epidemic, COVID-19, which has spread from the city of Wuhan in China and brought life to the point of paralysis in the countries it is infected, has turned into a major public health problem. Scientists who have removed the genome structure of the virus have not yet been able to find the cure for the infection, despite some important clues.

Kaiser Permanente, a US-based non-profit healthcare organization, Seattle’s research clinic, is looking for volunteer subjects for the experiments of vaccines to be developed for COVID-19. A total of 45 healthy people in the 18-55 age group who want to volunteer drug testing in the clinical setting will be randomly divided into three groups and each will be given a different dose of the experimental vaccine.

Subjects participating in drug research will earn $ 1,100 at the end of the process
Participants will earn a total of $ 1,100 if they are vaccinated 11 times over a 14-month period. Clinical trials are planned to begin next week, but it will be determined in 12 to 18 months whether the vaccine tested is safe or working in humans.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 35 different corona virus vaccines currently being developed worldwide. Which of these will be the definitive treatment method will show the results of clinical tests to be performed in the medium and long term. According to data shared by health authorities around the world, COVID-19 has infected more than 113 thousand people globally so far, causing a total of 4,009 people to die.


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