Volocopter electric and autonomous flying taxi


German aircraft manufacturer Volocopter announced the pre-sale of tickets on its air taxi service, named VoloCity. The manufacturer has not determined an exact date or location for the commercial launch of the service, but has stipulated a period of 2 to 3 years for air taxis to start operating.

During the pre-sale, called VoloFirst, only one thousand reservations will be offered. Each trip has an approximate duration of 15 minutes and, in this first moment, will cost € 300 (about R $ 1,858, in direct conversion). Customers who want to guarantee their pass must register on the company’s platform and deposit 10% of the amount in advance.

With that, as soon as the service starts to work, he will have a period of 12 months to use his reservation. Among the advantages offered in the pre-sale, is the delivery of a personalized certificate and a video with the travel records.

Air and autonomous taxis

According to Volocopter, all taxis in its fleet will be electric and autonomous. And it is no wonder, after all, the company carried out the first manned flight of a fully electric multicopter in 2011. Six years later, it was responsible for one of the first autonomous flights in the world, with the eVTOL model.

The expectation of the manufacturer is that, in just a few years of operation, VoloCity popularizes the use of air taxis as a form of transportation in cities. Before that, however, Volocopter must achieve final certification for its fleet – which made it impossible to disclose an exact date for the start of operations.

Despite playing an important role, Volocopter is not the only company that is pioneering the new world of air taxis. Other names that have already launched in this market include EHang, Lilium, Airbus and Quantum Air.


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