Volkswagen will sell electric cars only on the internet


The German automaker Volkswagen changed the way of selling its electric vehicles to strengthen the online, also modifying the role of the company itself and partner dealers. The idea is to put the plan into practice based on the commercialization of the ID.3 model in different parts of the world.

According to new rules, the purchase must be made initially with Volkswagen itself. It is the company that will offer the car and set the price and commission, and is also responsible for establishing any financing. Whoever selects the company that will be responsible for local services and consumer care is the customer himself at the time of purchase.

The agent and the reseller will have the role of an intermediary, being responsible for all other stages of the process. This includes the removal of the car, eventual inquiries about the sale, organization of test drives and the transaction process, among other activities.

Changing little by little
According to Volkswagen, the new model has already been adopted by partners, but implementation will be gradual and by region – starting with Germany and other European countries, which will receive ID.3 from June 2020.

The idea is to make everything faster and more intuitive, including vehicle customization, bringing you and your future car closer together using only the computer. Consumers can still switch between online and offline procedures at any time, if they prefer a more traditional form of contact.


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