Volkswagen Will Only Sell Electric Cars in Europe From 2035


Volkswagen: The traditional German automaker Volkswagen has announced that it will stop selling combustion engine cars in Europe as of 2035. The information was confirmed by a member of the brand’s sales council, Klaus Zellmer, in an interview with Reuters news agency.

Instead, the company will focus only on electric cars. In this transition period, the goal is that the modality is already responsible for 70% of the brand’s sales on the continent — something possible thanks not only to the changes promoted, but also to local policies and government subsidies.

After the move in Europe, the next territories to stop having combustion engines will be the United States and China, but without a concrete deadline.

Then, it will be the turn of Africa and South America, seen as places more complicated by infrastructure conditions and still precarious policies. By 2050, Volkswagen’s entire fleet must be zero emissions.

short steps

Volkswagen has made some changes to strengthen the electric car industry itself. In Wolfsburg, the company will turn a plant into “the world’s largest electrical factory,” with a plan underway to reduce the price of these cars. The automaker has also confirmed that it will not manufacture new engines that run on fossil fuels.

Recently, the brand was even embroiled in a controversy when it announced the name change to “Voltswagen” in the US — an April 1 prank made too early and not resonating well.


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