Volkswagen Will create Its Own System Based on Android Auto


Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer, revealed, at an event last Tuesday (13), that it intends to use its own solution based on Android Auto in the systems of its future electric cars. For the development of the novelty, it will have the help of Google, which will make available applications such as Google Maps – even if the big tech app store is not planned for the platform.

Apparently, suggests 9to5Google, version 1.2 of the OS in question, originated in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), an open source repository aimed at creating custom variations of the search giant’s programs, it will only be a provisional implementation . Furthermore, it should only appear on a limited number of vehicles by 2023, including the Audi Q6 e-tron and Porsche Macan.

In turn, once completed, version 2.0, built from scratch by the company, will replace the previous one, and it is expected to be launched in 2025, together with the announcement of something known, for now, as the Artemis project. Technicians expect that, by 2030, 40 million vehicles will be operated by the software.

Future of mobility

Actions such as limiting at least half of its sales exclusively to electric cars until 2030 and dedicating almost 100% to units with zero emissions in the biggest markets in which it operates until 2040 are in Volkswagen’s plans. The company will apply 50% of its investments between 2021 and 2025 to innovations in the sector – around 73 billion euros (more than R$440.8 billion in direct conversion).

“By 2030, the world of mobility will have changed a lot. More than ever, I would say. Many cars will circulate autonomously. We will have a large share [in the scene] with electric vehicles, and services related to the area will increase”, defended Herbert Diess , CEO of the company, in an interview with CNBC.


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