Volkswagen triples electric car sales in 2020


Even with the covid-19 pandemic affecting various sectors of the global industry in 2020, Volkswagen has achieved quite a mark. Last Tuesday (12), the automaker announced that the sale of its electric vehicles tripled in the period compared to the numbers presented in 2019. In total, 134 thousand units were sold – against 45 thousand in the previous year.

Considering that the launch of the compact ID.3 took place before the hardening of environmental rules applied by the European Union, it is possible that the manufacturer’s progress will be even more expressive from now on. Germany, for example, according to HT Auto, is already in much higher demand for cars of this type.

When hybrid products are included in the accounts, the amount is even more significant. In 2019, they reached 82 thousand customers. In 2020, 212 thousand.

Industry obstacles

One in four cars sold in Germany in December last year had an electric motor, driven by incentives that were part of the government’s stimulus package during the recession. In the aforementioned month, options powered exclusively by batteries and hybrids took up 26.6% of the market and were ahead of those powered by diesel – which have been in sharp decline since the Volkswagen scandal in 2015, involved in cheating applied to gas emissions tests. . Things tend to get even worse for this sector.

Since January 1, automakers must meet the requirements of the European Union and adapt their processes so as not to exceed the limit of 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer run established for fleets on average. Otherwise, they will receive heavy fines. Some challenges, in any case, will have to be overcome.

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