Volkswagen, Tesla cheaper electric SUV ID.4 on the market


Volkswagen presented on Wednesday (23) its new electric SUV, called ID.4. During the virtual presentation, made on the company’s YouTube channel, the model was compared to the original Beetle because it also houses the 204-horsepower engine, installed on the rear axle. The model is a direct competitor to Tesla’s popular Model Y, only cheaper.

The ID.4 has a battery of 82 kWh, located in the base of the vehicle, with autonomy of up to 403 km in one load and support for fast charging, capable of completing 80% of its capacity in 40 minutes.

Inside, the vehicle has a command center assembled on a 10-inch screen, in the center of the panel – just like the ID.3, its predecessor hatchback, the model has few physical buttons. To prevent the driver from distracting your attention from the road, the car also accepts voice commands and gestures.

Variant models

The ID.4 will arrive, initially in the North American market, in two versions: a special edition, called 1 st Edition, will be launched with a 12-inch screen in the center panel, sunroof and 20-inch wheels. The price for this version is U $ 43,995 (about R $ 250,000, in direct conversion).

The ID.4 Pro version, considered the standard, is priced at U $ 39,995 (R $ 225,000, in reais), which should drop to U $ 35,000 (about R $ 200,000, at the current price) by 2022, from according to Volkswagen. The model is cheaper than Tesla’s popular Model Y, which sells for around U $ 50,000 (R $ 280,000, in direct conversion).

According to the CEO of Volkswagen for South America, Pablo Di Si, the vehicle must arrive in Brazil, being the first electric of the brand in our territory, but there is still no date for that to happen.

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