Volkswagen Takes The Geneva Motor Show Online (You Can Also Visit)


German automotive giant Volkswagen held the 2020 Geneva Motor Show online. The automotive manufacturer, which exhibited its vehicles on a virtual tour, brought the stand it set up in Geneva to the internet to make the tour realistic.

The coronavirus, which covers all over the world, also hit the automotive market. Production of automotive parts has stopped, launches promoting new vehicles have been canceled or postponed. Some automotive manufacturers promote their vehicles through online channels. One of them is the German automotive giant Volkswagen. Although Volkswagen tried very hard to give participants an unforgettable control at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, the event could not promote its new vehicles because the event was canceled. Volkswagen then decided to promote its vehicles over the internet.

Launching on the internet does not mean that Volkswagen’s stand in Geneva, which was prepared with great efforts, is completely wasted because the virtual tour prepared by Volkswagen reflects its stand in Geneva. This virtual tour creates the feeling that you are really there, with its similarity to the booth in Geneva and the music and lights prepared for the environment. You can join the virtual tour here.

The vehicles on Volkswagen’s booth were chosen from the ID family, the name the company gave to electric vehicles. Besides the ID.3, the stand also includes the entire Volkswagen Golf 8 series. The golf series also includes the smaller and more affordable family car, GTI, GTD, and GTE models.

The Geneva Motor Show is not the only automotive event postponed due to coronavirus. The New York Auto Show and Beijing Auto Show were delayed to a later date, while the Paris Auto Show was partially canceled. Detroit Auto Show was completely canceled after the venue was turned into a hospital.

Volkswagen previously reserved its logo to draw attention to the maintenance of social distance, which is the biggest measure against coronavirus. Also, the giant automaker, which shares videos on the subject, continues to fight the coronavirus. You can reach our news with more detailed information on this subject.


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