Volkswagen starts production of new electric car ID 4


Volkswagen announced that the production of its first electric SUV, named ID 4, started in Saxony, Germany. ID 4, formerly known as ID Crozz, is the second member of Volkswagen’s electric ID series. The electric car will be sold in the USA, China and Europe. ID 3, the first member of the series, will not go out of Europe.

Pre-production of the ID 4 started at Volkswagen’s Anting plant in China. The company will produce ID 4 at its factory in Chattanooga, USA from 2022. Volkswagen will hold a virtual promotional event for its new car at the end of September. However, photos of the vehicle were leaked through documents from the Chinese Ministry of Information and Technology.

ID 4 is expected to travel approximately 500 kilometers on a full charge. The basis of the car is the same electric car platform as other ID series vehicles. Both four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive versions are prepared, and the first four-wheel drive version of the car will hit the road. Placing the battery in the middle of the lower body moves the center of gravity a little lower, thus optimizing driving dynamics. In the digital cockpit, touch screens and voice control are used.

It can be said that Volkswagen wants to have a smoother exit process for ID 4 compared to ID 3. The output of ID 3 was shadowed by software problems and therefore there was a delay in deliveries. It was stated that this was the first reason why Herbert Diss left Volkswagen CEO.

Volkswagen’s ID electric car lineup includes a larger SUV referred to as ID Roomz, a small vehicle referred to as the ID Buggy, and ID Buzz, a revamped version of the company’s iconic van. At the center of the Volkswagen ID 4 and other cars of the ID series is the company’s MEB electric vehicle platform.

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