Volkswagen may change name to Voltswagen


The car maker Volkswagen may change its name soon in the United States, and in the future in the rest of the world. On Monday afternoon (29) the company published a statement ahead of time revealing that it will change the brand in North America to Voltswagen.

The message was incomplete and was taken offline, but CNBC sources confirmed that the publication is authentic. In addition, people close to the company stressed that the automaker is even working on a name change, which should be officially revealed soon.

According to the information in the publication, the statement is due to be officially released on April 29. However, with the repercussion of the spill, it may be that the company will forward the news.

Focus on trams

According to the information obtained by CNBC, the purpose of the brand change is to show that VW’s new focus is cars powered by clean energy. The leaked statement says the company wants to make a “public statement of the future investment in electric mobility.”

In addition to the name change, the company will also apply a change to its logo when used in electric cars. The vehicles will bear the mark with the acronym “VW” in a light blue tone, according to sources consulted by CNBC.

The supposed name change comes after Volkswagen unveiled several new features aimed at the electric car sector this year. After tripling the sale of EVs in 2020, the company announced that it will stop developing new combustion engines to focus on clean energy solutions.

The company’s goal is to have more than 70% of its sales made up of electric cars by 2030. During the Power Day, held in early March, the company also unveiled a plan to make EVs more accessible in the years to come.


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