Volkswagen is on the agenda with the analogy of Nokia!


Although brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen have a long history in the automobile industry, it is an indisputable fact that Tesla has disrupted the entire industry with its electric cars. Manufacturers behind Tesla have rolled up their sleeves for electric and autonomous vehicles. One of these manufacturers is Volkswagen.

Volkswagen CEO: We don’t want to be like Nokia

At a critical junction, the Volkswagen Group fears that even though the epidemic has survived the epidemic relatively well, cases may escalate again and production will slow down as a result. Although he started to appear before users with electric cars like ID.3, he is aware that it is inadequate.

62-year-old Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess, in an interview with Bloomberg at VW headquarters, emphasized that those who are not fast enough in the transformation process of the automobile industry will not be able to survive, saying “Nokia is the best example of how this change can happen.”

Stating that they do not want to share a similar ending with Nokia, Diess emphasized that the transition from industrial power to software skills gains serious importance today. In other words, it is not enough to produce the automobile anymore, it is necessary to meet the users with a much better software.

Diess stated that they feared the possibility of the outbreak reappearing, but on the other hand, they are continuing their preparations;

“All over the world, we are very nervous, very worried because cases are increasing again. We are better prepared than the first wave because we did a lot of tests. In Wolfsburg, for example, we have a test capacity of 2,000 people a day. “

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