Volkswagen is expected to dominate the electric car market


In early 2020 we saw Tesla overtake Volkswagen and become the most valuable automaker in the world, however, LMC analysts say the German should dominate the electric market by 2025, which would be a beautiful game changer.

According to analysts, Tesla’s 20% in the electric automotive market is expected to drop to just 10% by 2025, while Volkswagen is expected to advance from 10% to 15%

According to LMC, the main reasons are the automakers that are now reaching the electric market such as Ford, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen itself. After all, Tesla has remained almost alone in this industry for years. It is also worth remembering that Volkswagen and Tesla should launch more affordable vehicles in the future, which will certainly attract more users to this market.

Tesla Model S

Another important point is the investment of 2.6 billion in electric and autonomous cars by the German company, which will certainly boost the development of new solutions, even more with the announcement of the partnership with Microsoft to create an autonomous driving platform based on the Azure.

Another fact that matches this statistic is the sales of Volkswagen ID.3, which was one of the best-selling electric vehicles of last year.

Volkswagen estimates to sell 26 million electric cars by 2030, 19 million of which with MEB platform. In the other LMC statistics we have Toyota increasing its share from 1% to 5%, Ford from 0 to 4%, GM from 2% to 5% and Daimler doubling from 2.5% to 5% in the electric car sector. Hyundai will keep 7% and the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi group should also continue with 8%.


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