Volkswagen ID.4 must be the first electric car in Brazil


Volkswagen’s first electric car to be launched in Brazil is expected to be the ID.4, an SUV introduced in September 2020 by the brand. In addition to it, the German plans to launch another 3 electric models on national territory

The information was recently released by the NeoFeed website. There is no forecast, however, when the vehicle will start to be sold in the country. Last year, the company’s CEO for South America, Pablo Di Si, had also commented on this possibility.

In the North American scenario, ID.4 competes with Tesla’s Model Y. The German car takes the lead, however, in terms of price, since it is cheaper, costing approximately US $ 39 thousand (about R $ 215 thousand in direct conversion with the current exchange rate).

The ID.4 is equipped with an 82 kWh battery and has a range of up to 403 km on one charge. The part is supported for fast loading, making it complete 80% charge in just 40 minutes.

The engine, installed on the rear axle, is 204 horsepower and 301 kgfm of torque. Inside, the vehicle has five spacious seats and a command center on a 10-inch panel.

Outside, the ID.4 model was launched in the 1st Edition and Pro versions. While the first is premium, the second is considered the standard. For now, Volkswagen has not confirmed whether the electric will even be launched in Brazil.


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