Volkswagen ID.3 battery dies with car stopped for 2 days


Eagerly awaited and celebrated as the car with real chances of stopping Tesla’s progress, the Volkswagen ID.3 arrived on the European market amid news of problems in the development of its software platform (which led the German automaker to downgrade the then software chief, Christian Senger). Now, owners who bought the electric car launched in July are reporting the battery’s death after a few days of inactivity.

The case begins with user Christian Stadler, who bought an ID.3 on September 11, posting videos on his YouTube channel, Battery Life, about his experience with the vehicle. On the last 23rd, the subject was about the unpleasant surprise he had when he discovered that his brand new electric car, stopped in the garage a few days ago, had dawned with the 12V battery completely down.

(Another youtuber – Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, from Transport Evolved – explains that they are enough to power high-voltage batteries in electric cars and operate the radio or digital panel.)

No explanation from VW

The problem is not new (there are cases involving Nissan cars and even Tesla cars), but they have always involved batteries needing replacement. So why did the ID.3, with less than two months of use, download in two days?

Stadler is not alone: ​​other users have reported the same problem. Similar news has already started to appear on Reddit and Facebook groups, such as First Movers Club and VW ID.3 – ID.4 – Vizzion – Buzz – in the latter, a member named Ed Stratton posted the video he published on YouTube with a guide on how to prevent the 12V battery from dying with the car stopped for a few days:

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