Volkswagen changes name to ‘Voltswagen’ in the USA


As of May 2021, Volkswagen will be called Voltswagen in the United States. After the leak of the announcement, the German automaker confirmed the information in a press release released on Tuesday (30).

According to the brand, the reformulation of the name is a public declaration of future investments in clean energy. By 2030, the group’s goal is to have more than 70% of its global sales made up of electric cars.

“We may be exchanging our K for a T, but what we’re not changing is the brand’s commitment to making the best vehicles for drivers everywhere,” said Scott Keogh, president and CEO of Voltswagen America.

In German, Volkswagen means “people’s car”. So, the executive claims inspiration in the original name when producing models considered popular and, thus, encouraging people to adopt electric vehicles.

“Since moving to an electric future, we have announced that we will build electric cars for millions, not just millionaires. This name change means a nod to our past as the people’s car and our firm belief that our future will be to be the people’s electric car, ”said Keogh.

The Voltswagen brand will use a lighter shade of blue in its logo accompanied by the classic VW. So, the new name will be applied only to electric cars, while the word “Volkswagen” will be exclusive to gasoline cars in the USA.


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