Volkswagen announces project of electric


German automaker Volkswagen is excited about the growth in the electric car sector, but now it will enter a new market: battery-powered yachts. The venture will be a partnership with the Austrian manufacturer Silent-Yachts.

Initially, Volkswagen will supply its modular electric steering matrix (MEB, in the original acronym), which serves for vehicles of all sizes and helps in performance and energy savings. In addition, Cupra, the Spanish subdivision of the automaker that is normally focused on sports models, will take care of the design of a new model “with a contemporary touch”.

The idea of ​​the sustainable boat is also to run on solar energy, saving energy as much as possible. Existing luxury models, such as the SILENT 55, are able to run for up to 160 km a day only with energy captured from photovoltaic panels – and this performance can be even better with the German equipment and mobility technologies.

The company’s goal is to put the first model made with Silent-Yachts in the water as early as 2022. Sales performance should determine whether the line will be expanded or will have more models in production.

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