Volkswagen Announces Why New Golf GTI Does Not Have Hybrid Option


Matthias Rabe, head of the technology unit of Volkswagen, explained that the new Golf GTI does not cause hybrid or electric powered options. Stating that adding an additional equipment feature to an automobile causes additional weight, Rabe stated that consumers can turn to Golf GTE.

The automobile industry has been in a serious transformation lately. Automobile manufacturers have preferred electric motor vehicles instead of internal combustion engines. Almost all automakers are now caught up in this trend initiated by the US-based car giant Tesla. Even the domestic car, which will be on sale for several years, will also have an electric motor.

One of the companies that care about electric vehicles is the German-based automobile giant Volkswagen. The company has been coming to consumers with electric and hybrid vehicles for a while, and it seems that many models of Volkswagen will also have electric options. However, one of the iconic models of Volkswagen may never see the electric motor.

Volkswagen Golf GTI
Volkswagen’s Golf GTI model is one of the most preferred models of consumers. Golf GTI, which has attracted attention with its strong structure and light make-up design, is one of the favorite tools of the company. About 3 years ago, it was stated that the new generation Golf GTI will have an electric motor, but at the point we arrived, we can clearly say that this vehicle will not have an electric motor version.

In an interview with Volkswagen’s technology unit head, Matthias Rabe, explained why the Golf GTI does not have versions with an electric motor or hybrid system. Stating that adding additional equipment to a car increases the weight of the car, Rabe said that increasing the weight of the Golf GTI will directly affect its performance.

Rabe states that there is another version of Golf called “GTE”, this version has hybrid engine option. Expressing that they adhere to the Golf GTI while designing the GTE, Rabe says that consumers who take the Golf GTE will feel as if they are inside the Golf GTI. These explanations from Rabe are a clear indication that there will be no hybrid or electric powered versions of the Golf GTI.

The statement made by the head of the technology unit of Volkswagen reveals why the Golf GTI does not have hybrid or electric powered versions. If you are also expecting the hybrid or fully electric version of the Golf GTI, it is clear that this expectation is wasted and you have to turn your direction towards the Golf GTE.


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