Volkswagen adapted its logo to the Coronavirus!


Due to the Corona virus pandemic, automakers around the world have temporarily stopped production. Others started producing respirators and even face masks instead of cars to help fight disease. As a precautionary measure to combat the Corona virus, people around the world are recommended to follow the social distance rule to stay home and prevent further spread of the disease.

After Audi, Volkswagen also encourages social distance
After Audi, Volkswagen also temporarily changed its official logos to encourage people to stay socially away from each other. The two automakers added some “distance” to their logos.

While the four connected badges in the updated Audi logo are separated, Volkswagen put some space between the letters “V” and “W”. The two automakers posted new “social distance” logos on their websites and social media accounts.

Volkswagen made a video with subtitles: “As a tradition at Volkswagen, we are united in all crises and support each other. We are confident that we will find new ways and solutions to help us overcome this crisis. Currently, it is very important that we follow disciplined rules of conduct and hygiene. Stay safe, maintain social distance! ” Similarly, Audi said, “Stay home. Keep the distance. ” he said.

Will the new logo appear on cars?
The new logos are temporary, as they are valid for Corona virus times. Therefore, new designs addressed to the social distance will not be seen in newly produced vehicles. While the Corona virus continues to spread throughout the world, we need to pay attention to social distance in order to improve the picture and to prevent infection, in accordance with the isolation measures. You can watch the video of Volkswagen here.


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