Voldemort and Grindelwald: who is more dangerous?


This article contains spoilers for the movie “Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore”.

Throughout J.K. Rowling’s saga of magic, two infamous dark wizards come to power, but it’s not always clear which of Voldemort and Grindelwald is more dangerous. Although both of them are terribly sadistic and unceremoniously evil, each villain and his particular danger have been constantly questioned, especially in connection with the recent release of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. As a result, it was very difficult for Harry Potter fans to rank the two supervillains.

Two dark wizards have caused terrible chaos in the wizarding world, and they have a lot in common. Both have a deep hatred of Muggles, an insatiable thirst for unbridled power, and both have killed and tortured many in their quest for magical domination. The two also have a major opponent to their plans, as Albus Dumbledore is at the forefront of their reign of torture.

Since Rowling often calls Voldemort the most famous dark wizard in history, it may seem that the argument between them is quite simple. However, analyzing the origins of both Voldemort and Grindelwald, it can be concluded that although Voldemort was a more destructive wizard, Grindelwald was much more dangerous, given that his pursuits were not inherently selfish, but his attempts to achieve changes were much more cunning. and far-reaching. To understand why Grindelwald (and not Voldemort) was much more dangerous, it is extremely important to fully detail both of their coming to power, as well as compare and contrast them to the fullest extent.

Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort was born from the union of a Muggle and a witch without love. His mother, Merope Gaunt, enslaved Tom Riddle Sr., Voldemort’s father, so that he married and conceived a child together. Thus, Voldemort began his life in complete tragedy, completely alone, completely misunderstood and did not know love. His mother died of longing for him, and his father’s love was completely stolen, which caused young Voldemort only indignation and disappointment. Since Merope gave birth to Voldemort at the Wool Shelter in London, he lived there all his childhood, abandoned by his family and his magical legacy. Tom Riddle Jr. deeply resented his parents for abandoning him, festering in his solitary confinement, while his heart became angry, angry and bitterly deluded. This resentment grew to egregious levels, and he began to show his anger towards his fellow orphans, using his magic to cause them physical and moral harm. Voldemort used his powerful sadism to hang and torture animals from the rafters of the shelter, and even psychologically tortured two orphans in a cave, forcing them to be stunned into silence. Judging by these early attempts, young Tom Riddle was already clearly dangerous.

Although Dumbledore offered Riddle a postponement from studying at Hogwarts, he became even more angry when he learned more about his family. He thought that his mother was exceptionally weak due to succumbing to her death, especially considering her heritage of Gaunts, who really descended directly from Salazar Slytherin himself. He was ashamed of her, given the magical breadth of her family, as she voluntarily ignored her mass of power and instead became fixated on the Muggle man and her love for him. The hatred and embarrassment he felt for his parents grew stronger, especially his mother’s rejection of their pure Slytherin bloodline, which completely submitted to his evergreen thirst for power and shaped his mission for the superiority of wizards. But his hatred of his father had a huge impact on Voldemort’s psyche and eventually shaped all of Voldemort’s beliefs. Because of his hatred of his father, Voldemort began to prioritize his selfish power as a mechanism to overcome the shame he felt as a Muggle-born wizard.

As Voldemort grew up, he became fixated on his own megalomania, the desire for total and absolute power. He turned his narcissism into a weapon by manipulating the students, teachers and staff of Hogwarts and forcing them to follow his orders. Voldemort at Hogwarts was courteous, handsome and exceptionally intelligent; he could easily bend anyone to his will with or without magic, an absolute and absolute master manipulator. Voldemort acted like a notorious serial killer like Ted Bundy and Edward Kemper. Bundy, like Voldemort, was an evil narcissist and a complete psychopath. Both Bundy and Voldemort lacked humanity, empathy, guilt and remorse. Edward Kemper has a lot in common with Lord Voldemort, especially considering his animal torture and lack of any noticeable remorse.