Volcano eruption in Indonesia: 5 km high ash cloud


The Sinabung volcano surprised people on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia earlier this week. An eruption caused the sky in the local villages to be as dark as night because of the thick 5 km high cloud of smoke that appeared on Saturday morning. However that was not the only scare, after all the ash cloud caused even more problems today.

Several videos showing the current situation have been posted on the internet where the ash expelled has made the situation of those who wish to leave the island to go to a safe place even more difficult. Local residents report the situation that is occurring and surprising everyone since last Saturday, August 8th.

Check out a video:


There are videos showing the timing of today’s eruption, which was described by one resident as “a thunder that lasted less than 30 seconds.” So far, there is no indication that Sinabung has expelled lava, but local authorities recommend that residents stay at least 3 km away from the volcano.

Watch a video of the eruption that occurred today:

It is worth remembering that Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest volcanic activities in the world, but Sinabung has been inactive for hundreds of years, entering into activity only in 2010, when it began to inspire fear in the inhabitants of Sumatra.

So far, no incidents or casualties have been reported, only the place that is covered in ash that is being removed by residents as the new expelled by the volcano dissipates.

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However, it is worth remembering that scientists have already discovered the largest volcano in the world with 150 thousand cubic kilometers in size, located in Hawaii, which luckily is a long way from the island of Sumatra. Speaking of volcanoes, a meteor almost hit a volcano located in Mexico in January 2020, luckily no damage was recorded, just the curious fact.


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