Volcano Erupt in New Zealand: Dozens of Tourists in Crater


Whakaari, known as New Zealand’s largest volcano, exploded once more. During the explosion in the region of up to 50 tourists, one of the tourists lost their lives, 23 tourists were injured.

Whakaari, thought to have been formed in New Zealand 150 thousand years ago and is known as the country’s most active volcano, exploded once more. The volcano last activated in 2016, this time exploded very violently. Moreover, this time the explosion seems to be heavy because the volcano erupted in the region, there were about 50 tourists.

According to the first figures released by the authorities, one tourist was killed and 23 tourists were injured during the explosion. There are also tourists who are lost due to the explosion. Authorities are concerned that the number of deaths will increase.

Whakaari Volcano is as important for New Zealand as it is for tourists. Because the region is visited by 10 thousand tourists every year. Very few people live in the immediate vicinity of this volcano on an island called “White”. Authorities warn that the people of the region should not leave their homes and keep their windows closed.

According to authorities, rescue helicopters have been shipped to the region. However, at this time, search and rescue works cannot be done exactly. Because the volcano is still active and this prevents the studies. So far, tourists in the region have been saved only by boats. It is not known yet what kind of work the authorities will carry out.

The area is monitored by continuous cameras. The camera records reflected in the local press clearly show that tourists wandering in the crater of the volcano just minutes before the explosion. Stating that the camera transfer was interrupted at the time of the explosion, the authorities do not know the fate of tourists for the time being. Here is the image of those tourists reflected in the cameras a few minutes before the explosion;

The ash clouds emitted by Whakaari Volcano were also reflected in the cameras of tourists who left the island shortly before the explosion. Michael Schade, in a post on Twitter, said that they left the island just 20 minutes before the explosion and that they were safe. Schade’s sharing reveals the magnitude of the volcano eruption.


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