“Voice assistant” focused accessory developed for iPhone


iPhone models are among the most preferred phones every year. As a result, the accessories developed for such a popular device are becoming quite diverse. Especially the accessories that make the phone more comfortable and practical are useful for users. One of them, which has been on everyone’s phone for a while, is added to the phone holders called PopSocket. This accessory, which makes it easier to hold the phone, allows you to interact with Alexa or Google Assistant. The accessory developed for the iPhone looks very good.

Accessory developed for iPhone enables interaction with different voice assistants

TalkSocket, which turns a popular accessory phone holders into voice assistants, allows you to interact with voice assistants other than Siri. From the outside, TalkSocket looks like a traditional PopSocket style phone holder. This device, which is also attached to the back of the phone, frees the user from dependence on Siri.

Its design includes LED lighting and seems to be inspired by Amazon’s Echo. TalkSocket actually functions as a miniature smart speaker that allows iPhone users to reach Alexa and Google Assistant. Easily connected with Alexa and Google Assistant, this device provides convenience to the person.


It is possible to say that this product, which was created in partnership with PopSocket, will have more buyers. TalkSocket has two microphones for voice commands. This way, it can receive commands and send them to your phone. This product, which can offer 5 days of use with a full charge, can be charged in a short time with wireless charging support. It can also be attached to a drink or anything used.

The product appears as a Kickstarter project and has a price of $ 59.


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