VLC turns 20 and will receive great news in 2021


The VLC Media Player media reproduction program will receive major news in 2021. The platform is completing 20 years of existence and already has 3.5 billion downloads.

In an interview with the Protocol, the commander of the VideoLAN foundation, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, said that VLC Player will receive a new user interface in the future, as well as a web version and connection to online video services.

The new user interface will be available in version 4.0 of VLC, which will be launched later this year. According to the president of VideoLAN, the development team intends to “modernize” the look of the program.

Edition 4.0 of VLC will also feature more connections to online content, according to those responsible for the program. The platform will receive plugins for third-party content to be played on the player.

Web version and competitor of IMDB

VLC will also receive a new version for the web in 2021, since the old edition was extinguished because it was outdated. The new browser extension will be based on WebAssembly and JavaScript technologies, which should ensure support for the most popular browsers today.

VideoLan also intends to launch this year the “Project Moviepedia”, an initiative that promises to compete with IMDB. The novelty will be a database on entertainment content and will have contributions from the community, similar to what happens on Wikipedia.

So far, those responsible for VLC have not said when version 4.0, the web edition and the Moviepedia Project will be launched. On the other hand, Jean-Baptiste Kempf says that development is going well, an indication that the news should not take long.


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