VLC 4.0 comes with its new interface


VLC, the popular video playback software, plans to release version 4.0 in the coming months. The version will focus on new ways of running VLC on web pages, as well as looking modern with a new interface.

It will get a modern look with VLC 4.0

According to the information released by Jean-Baptiste Kempf, president of VideoLAN, owner of VLC, the most important goal is to give the player a modern look and enable VLC playback on web pages with a redesigned interface. He presented the first designs of what the new interface would look like at the FOSDEM conference in 2019 by the company.

During the presentation, Kempf presented the design with light gray color scheme, transparent interface elements and modern-looking icons, and made the participants laugh, “Don’t worry, you can still use a command line”.

Alongside VLC 4.0, the VideoLAN team has rolled up their sleeves with the goal of bringing more online content to the software with extensions that offer third-party videos. In addition, in the future, free ad-supported videos have included features such as Webassembly and software that can work more easily on a web page using Webassembly and JavaScript instead of the old browser plug-in.

On the other hand, the company continues to work on creating a database for movies with Moviepedia, an IMDb-style project. While there is no exact release date for when VLC 4.0 may arrive, the firm’s 2019 presentation provides more details on the new features.


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