Vlambeer studio announces closure in 10 years


The developer announces her goodbye on social networks, although she is still preparing a last video game that was already underway.

Every beginning has an end. It seems like it’s time for Vlambeer, the creators of the indie game Nuclear Throne, to say goodbye. To do this, they have chosen a very significant date. What better way to announce the closing than on your birthday? And not just any birthday. The developer founded by Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman has used the tenth anniversary to announce the bad news.

“Today is Vlambeer’s 10th anniversary, which is more than we could have ever imagined,” they write on their official Twitter account. “We have had a beautiful journey, developed incredible video games and worked with great people.” Then comes the second part of the message, something more somber. “It is time for new things, so we announce the end of Vlambeer.” Thus, without eating or drinking it, in a thread of tweets.


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