Vladimir Putin, free COVID-19 vaccine for UN employees


Vladimir Putin gave a speech from Russia to the UN general assembly, offering his workers the vaccine against covid-19 completely free.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has taken his country one step further in its fight against covid-19, as they have become the first country to register the first vaccine against the disease.

After ensuring its effectiveness, the Russian president offered his ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine for the workers of the united nations organization (UN) totally free, this in an attempt to provide all his support to the organization.

Putin offers free covid vaccine

Last Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the statement that they will offer the vaccines at no cost to UN workers, which will be for anyone who wants to apply it, as it will not be mandatory.

Putin delivered a virtual speech to the UN general assembly, where he stated the following: “The coronavirus has not eluded United Nations personnel, its headquarters and its regional structures. Russia stands ready to provide all necessary qualified assistance to the UN, in particular, we offer to provide our vaccine for free voluntary vaccination of the employees of the organization and its units ”.

After his statement, Vladimir Putin has become one of the leaders who has most supported the fight against covid-19 worldwide, and stressed that they received calls from the UN and will not be indifferent to them.

Russian vaccine against COVID-19 could go global

Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow “has participated and is actively participating in global and regional efforts to fight covid-19,” and urged to organize an online conference of heads of state interested in cooperating to create vaccines against the infection.

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He also made it clear that both he and the Russian people are willing to share their experiences and interact with other states and countries, where they plan to supply the vaccine, which has been tested and has more than demonstrated its efficacy, reliability and safety for the patients.


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