Vizer: understand the features and risks when downloading the app


Vizer for a long time was one of the favorite apps for those passionate about movies and series. However, this service usually finds instability and many times the user accesses it, it is down. That’s because Vizer is not exactly a legal and safe option.

Is Vizer over?

In 2018 it was announced that Vizer would “close the doors”. At the time, the official statement stated that the end was due to lack of motivation. The text also said that the decision had no financial reasons, since the platform was never designed as a way to make money but to democratize quality content.

The service has been in operation since 2016 with films or old series or on display made available for free. Many of the features added on the platform were still in theaters.

As the website was not from the official distributor of the titles, sharing these productions could lead to lawsuits, although the official statement did not mention this.

After a while, Vizer was updated again and already has the latest releases. In addition to the website, the platform also offers its own application. Since the content is not legal, the app is not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

What are the risks of using the platform?

Whether through the website or application, watching movies and series on Vizer may come with some risks. Despite the clean appearance of ads, as soon as we click on one of the headlines, advertising appears in another tab.

As these ads are not usually well filtered, they can end up redirecting the user to pages that hide phishing attacks.

When downloading some production, viruses or unwanted features can be installed together. In fact, Vizer itself warns that they have no control over the displayed links and ads.

Another point that generates insecurity on the site is the absence of privacy policies. Without this information it is not possible to know what types of cookies the platform collects. These small files serve to identify the user and can save from simpler data, such as search terms to the most sensitive ones, such as geolocation.

The application also comes with some dangers. As it is outside the official stores, the user needs to activate the installation of unknown sources, which exposes the device to a series of threats. It is still possible for the app to be modified by a third party to intercept data and infect the phone with viruses.

The choice of whether or not to use Vizer is exclusive to the user, but it is good to know the risks you are taking when choosing to use the platform.

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