VIXX’s Hongbin Announces His Departure From The Group


Hongbin announces his departure from VIXX after almost 8 years of career. The idol discussed the continuity of his career within the group, but finally decided to leave his place, VIXX will promote with 5 members.

The group’s last comeback was in 2019, since then, Leo and Ken began their mandatory military service, so the group paused their activities. However, Hongbin was the victim of a controversy against him due to some comments in the past, months later confirming his departure from VIXX.

Through the official networks of JellyFish, the group’s agency, a statement was published to inform about the idol’s decision, who discussed his wishes with his peers. From now on, it will be only 5 members who promote after finishing their military service.

On social networks, Starlight regretted him departure and shared various messages of support. Shortly after his announcement, Hongbin held a live broadcast on Twicth to reconnect with his fans.

The controversy that could have caused his departure happened a few months ago, the idol commented on some songs by groups like EXO, SHINee and Infinite, for which he was the target of criticism despite his apologies.

Some Starlights expressed their annoyance at the lack of empathy for the company and some fans who turned against Hongbin. It is not known what his future plans will be, he is still young and he needs to fulfill his enlistment in the army.

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