Vivo’s phone design with removable camera!


Vivo continues to attract attention with different designs. Now, as far as it turns out, Vivo makes a name with its removable phone design. Drawing attention with its innovative designs, China-based Vivo has also won a “design award” for the camera design in question.

Removable Vivo camera phone design

Vivo has always attracted attention with its smartphone designs, especially when it comes to innovation on the camera side. This year’s Vivo Apex pioneered the under-screen front camera. In addition, Vivo was the first to introduce us to pop-up cameras (pop-up cameras). Vivo is now attracting attention once again with a new type of smartphone camera that can be detached from the body of the phone.

Vivo kamerası cikartilabilen telefon tasarimi-00

The camera design of Vivo, known as IFEA and with the Red Dot Design Award, is currently at the concept stage, but it is quite creative. It is possible to say that this phone, which is not officially considered to be on sale, is interesting.

The active use of this removable camera is unknown. Because it is not known whether the camera can be removed will allow users to switch between different camera modules or to use the camera remotely.


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