Vivo’s Design Award-Winning Removable Camera


A concept smartphone prepared by Vivo won the Red Dot Design Award. The main reason why the phone won this award is a front camera installation called IFEA, which can be removed when necessary. So how does this technology work?

A concept smartphone developed by Chinese technology company Vivo won an award at the “Red Dot Design Awards”. What made this phone win prize was a removable front camera. This camera structure, called “IFEA”, can offer a unique experience to users who love to take photos and videos.

It is not uncommon that the smartphone industry has a structure that can change at any time. An innovation launched by a technology company can become a trend in a short time. It seems that Vivo can open the doors of a new trend with IFEA camera technology. So what does Vivo’s award-winning camera technology, which is currently in concept, offer consumers?

This is how the IFEA camera of Vivo’s concept phone looks

Vivo’s concept design includes the dual front camera setup that can be opened on the basis. This camera setup allows taking selfies under normal conditions. However, a user can pull the turned on camera sensors and separate them from the phone if they need it. What makes the modular cameras unique is that they can be used even after leaving the phone.

Although IFEA has a small capacity, it has an internal battery. This battery enables the detached hardware to work. Thanks to its Bluetooth support, the camera hardware, which is constantly connected to the phone, allows photo or video shooting even when the camera is elsewhere. Moreover, a user continues to use the zoom, various scene modes and all the other features that are in his normal front camera in his camera hardware.

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Although IFEA has remarkable features, its capabilities are not limited to this. For example, this removable camera can be controlled by voice. In addition, engineers even provide an expansion of the internal memory of the modular camera, for which they offer a wide range of accessories. According to Vivo, this IFEA is the kind to meet the needs of consumers who want to see small places they can’t get into.

A promotional video was also prepared for IFEA, the winner of the Red Dot Design Award. This video prepared by Vivo explains the usage areas of IFEA in detail. It is not known whether Vivo will make this kind of camera technology a commercial product, but IFEA seems to be the dream of many consumers.

Here is the promotional video prepared for IFEA


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